Friday, 6 July 2007


Pikky of Hampstead Heath in eighteen hundred and something. We reckon it's that bit up from the Aqueduct (aka. Red Arches) up towards Ye Old Nobbly Hollow Tree. Anyway, it's all go at the Hampstead Village Voice which is rapidly resembling an episode of Lou Grant. Will be running the whole thing by our team of dislexic editorial experts so that shpelling mistaeks and grammatical errors are kept to a minimum like, innit. Still awaiting one or two stragglers for advertising artwork but editorially we're in good shape (Septic for "we're on course"). Talking of Americans, aren't there a lot about at the moment? 10am on Hampstead High Street's like kinda full o' yank mums awl kinda tawkin' lack Donald bleedin' Duck! Thinking of renaming the mag to Greenwich Village maybe not. Remember to put Thursday the 6th of September in your diary for the launch of The Humpsturd Village Voice. 7pm at The Tabby Cat Lounge. West-side and Toodle Pip. DS.


Anonymous said...

This is a bit racist, even if it was only meant in fun.

Acceptable face of racism? Probably not a good idea to alienate a good portion of Hampstead before you have started.

Anonymous yank mother

Mara said...

Thanks for writing this.