Thursday, 8 July 2010


It's a miracle! The weird, wonderful and hard hitting Hampstead Village Voice is out this Saturday! Not only that, the Hammies Awards will take place at the Rosslyn Arms on Wednesday (7:30pm 14th July). I'm completely knackered but I think we've cracked a rather good edition this time around. Plenty of names to drop (Boy George, Russell Brand, Richard Madely, Tony Parsons and The Queen - well, she isn't in it but I thought I'd drop her name anyway) and some properly right old juicy stories.

Not least the continuing saga of the Duke of Hamilton.

I popped into see Woody and Mary today and they're livid with Hampstead. Not sure why cos all Hampstead wants is to keep the pub that's been there since 1721 a pub. But the Woody's have been like family to me over the years so I'm not about to go slagging them off but disagree strongly with Woody over the future of the pub. He doesn't think it has a future as a pub. I do. And so do alot of others. Nothing personal old boy - just don't like to see Hampstead pubs closed and turned into unaffordable housing for rich people. Nothing against rich people either. After all, I'd like to be one one day but that doesn't mean I'd want to spoil the fun for everyone else. And that's what we've had at The Duke for years. Fun! And lot's of it. Long may it continue and I'm pleased to report there are plenty of bidder's to take the pub over and give it a new lease of life. As long as Scamden and the owners (Wellington Pub Co. A.k.a. the Reuben Bros) don't get greedy, we'll still have a boozer there this time next year. It's just like an Ealing comedy init!

Toodle Pip!

Emmanuel Mustafa Goldenbollocks

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