Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sub Editor Snuffs It

He won't work for the Voice no more...

There's no particular reason why I put this picture of Luca Brasi up but it's late, I'm in Berlin and I felt I ought to do something for this ailing blog. And doesn't he look happy? I hereby name Luca Brasi ex-sub editor (in advance) of the Hampstead Village Voice.

The very splendid edition 12 is still available at Mag One, Waterstones, Hampstead Tube Station, Heath News, Village News, Holly Hill News, New End Mini Market, that news agent in Saff End Green and Mrs. Patel's in Fleet Road. Oh, and of course Shiraz's Late Night Extra in the Satellite State of Belsize Parkistan. Boycott Tesco's, slagg off Scamden and death to Highgate!

Viva Hampstonia!

Emmanuel 'Mustafa' Goldstein

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