Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Classic Indian Summer

An Indian Summer in Hampstead

I say, what lovely weather we're having. Most very splendid indeed. What the bloody hell am I doing sitting here in front of a screen when I could be out in the sun, sipping iced coffee and people-watching on the Costa Del Hampstead? Say no more. Cor blimey Guvnor and Toodle Pip!

Emmanuel "Mustafa" Goldstein
Eddington Winthrope of Hampstonia
PS. Sales booming - get edition 14 from a newsagent near you whilst you still can. By Jove, it'll be the best £2 Squid you ever spent*

*Does not include the $2 you spent in that two-dollar brothel in Vietnam in 1967 whilst you were out there Napalming small villages: terms and conditions apply. Please consult your pharmacist before reading the bottle.

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