Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Hampstonian 2012 is OUT NOW!

The cover of The Hampstonian 2012, in the shops NOW!

The Elf and I have j
ust distributed the first 1000 copies of The Hampstonian 2012 to the newsagents of Hampstead, South End Green and Belsize Village in his Volvo estate. The manageress of Waterstones said they've had "lots of calls" about it, which is encouraging. She's also stuck our poster in the window - hoorah! It's amazing what lamination can do. They've taken 100 copies as have Hampstead Underground Station, Mag One and the New End Mini Market.

To see where else you can buy your copy, go to http://www.hampstonian.co.uk/aboutus.html

If you're new to Hampstead and you want to inform yourself, this is the mag for you and may well be the best £2 you've ever spent. If you're an old Hampstonian, Hampsteadite or even a Hampster, you'll probably know all this stuff and would do better to stick around for the next Hampstead Village Voice which we shall start work on forth-with.

I am now having a well deserved cappuccino at La Gaffe... Nice...

Toodle Pip!

Mustafa G.
Herr Safety
cc. The Elf

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