Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Ricky Gervais enjoying Hampstead.
Pic. courtesy of Bauer Griffin

Cycling down Perrins Lane on Bessy the Hampstead Village Voice bicycle this morning, I was greeted outside the King William IV with a big Ricky Gervais smile.

"Hi Ricky," Said I.
"Hi, how's it going?" said Ricky.
"Good. Just got the new edition [of the Hampstead Village Voice] into the shops."
"Is that the official Hampstead Village Voice bicycle, then?" he grinned.
"Yep, it's the official company vehicle, all right," I returned.
"It'll end up in a museum one day," said Ricky.
"I'm more likely to end up in a museum, first," Said I.

Well, it was the best I could come up with at short notice and my future as a Hollywood scriptwriter cum chat-show guest is far from assured, but it would certainly appear Mr. Gervais has settled more comfortably into the local Hampstead community. So I hereby promote him from Hampster to Hampsteadite, just for being nice and starting to enjoy Hampstonia.

Well done, squire.


Emmanuel Mustafa Goldstein x
Self elected Chairman of the People's Republic of Hampstonia.

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