Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Tea epidemic sweeps Hampstead!

Yesiree! It's time for tea. Lots of tea...mountains of the stuff... and biscuits!

The magazine is at the printers and I've just gone around putting up the posters all over Humpsturd and forgot to take Bessy the Bicycle so my feet are killing me. Might also be down to the winning last-minute goal I scored playing footy last night.

So, all being well, the mag will be out on Monday 9th of June and I have a nasty feeling it's going to be the talk of the town. Not least our rant at the Ham & High (Himm & Heil) for hob-nobbing with den Britischen Nazional Partei. No apologies. If you do that you'll have your bottom spanked! And what a splendid spanking we give them. My only worry is, will I get assassinated before Borac Obama? (Ouch). The Hampstead branch of the KKK will be waiting in the wings so maybe it's time for this editor to head for the hills! 

Love, Peace & Bunga,

Mustafa Goldstein
Editor in exile
PS. See yaw'll at the Bar Room Bar on Fri 20th of June for a right old knees up!
PPS. Traffic Wardens in full uniform welcome.
PPPS. Everyone else vill be nude in ze sauna!

Monday, 2 June 2008


Well, if the weather doesn't improve soon, it lookes like we're heading for a Summer Of Glove rather than the expected Love feast we've all been promised. But worry not Hampsters: the Hampstead Village Voice edition 4 will be in the shops from Sunday the 8th of June 2008. That is of course if I can get it to the printers. We normally send it via this thing called WAMNET, which is some sort of internet super highway thingy that can deliver an entire magazine t't printers. But for some reason it isn't working, so I may find myself on a train to Brimsdowne in Middlesex (Hampstead's old county) with a disc. Expensive, old fashioned and time consuming but one things for sure, this edition's worth it! It's bleedin' marvelous and because of a strong Euro, it'll only cost you €2.00 if you're from the continent! Hoorah!

So enjoy it and I'll see you all at the Bar Room Bar A.K.A the Rosslyn Arms on Friday the 20th of June 2008 for the Hampstead Village Voice Summer Of Love Orgy!

Love, Peace & Bunga,

Emmanuell "Mustafa"  GoldStein

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