Thursday, 21 February 2013


Heath Street: pointing out the obvious...

Against the advise of sub-editor Professor P. Dant, we've been tying posters above Scamden's HOW DOES THIS AFFECT YOU notices in order to highlight the absurdity of its planning permission proliferation.

As pointed out in the current edition of the Hampstead Village Voice, there are so many of these A4 notices flapping about - and rarely for the common good - that naturally, we thought this needed pointing out. 

Featuring Ken Pyne's splendid cartoon, this dramatic urban guerilla style activity was inspired by the council falsifying evidence in order to allow Heath Street estate agent, TK Inyertesticles, change of use (p.11). 

Ken Pyne's splendid cartoon

Yes this is personal

Compounded by the enforced exile of yours truly to the Soviet Gulag of West Hampstead (p.7) after yet more over-development below and above Casa Goldstein, I felt it my duty to point out that Hampstead has become but a Monopoly board and Scamden are, more than allegedly, in on the deal.

The professor has warned me that, despite Scamden being the chief perpetrators and 'example setters' of said misdemeanour, we may still be hit with a £5000 fine for "fly posting". 

Fortunately, I don't exist and even if I did I don't have £5000 and even if I did, I wouldn't give it to those blighters. Besides, Scamden would be foolish to further publicise what was, after all, a response to the dubious, if not dishonest, analysis which led to the TK Inyertesticles change of use.

Scamden council? foolish? Never. 

Viva Hampstonia, land of the not so free!

Emmanuel Mustafa Goldstein x x x
Editor in exile.

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