Thursday, 18 November 2010

Next Village Voice pencilled in for January 2011

Being editor of the Hampstead Village Voice one gets asked to do the oddest things... below the result of a request to put the following on this site for the weekend... Well, I saw no harm in it...

World Peace Garden Camden

Dear Volunteers
The World Peace Garden Camden is converting a strip of waste land adjacent to
Hampstead Heath Overground into a tranquil natural beauty spot where we sponsor
the contemplation of inner peace and a better world by means of carefully chosen
words dedicated to this end from Sponsors of a Peace Tile .
The Peace Tiles will placed in the World Peace Garden Camden
The Peace Tiles will also be viewed and appreciated on the World Peace Garden Camden
website inviting others around the world to join us
A point of positive energy in the community promoting inner peace ,harmony & understanding
On Mitzvah Day 21st November from noon to 3pm volunteers will be working in three Teams
Team 1/ preparing to ground around the trees to plant 2 kil of daffodils around the trees
Team 2/ planting the daffodils
Team 3/clearing brambles and weeds
We look forward to everyone enjoying what should turn out to be a satisfying day of giving
selflessly to our friends and neighbours.
With love and thanks to all of our friends
Jonathan Bergman
World Peace Garden Camden

Must Hava Cuppa Cha Stein.

Friday, 12 November 2010

The Hampstead Village Voice has taken a back seat whilst the new edition of The Hampstonian has been under construction. Indeed, for the first time, there's a half decent website to accompany the info-guide and directory for 2011 which will be put next week - 18th of November 2011. The website, is a charmingly presented effort so go and have a look.

Toodle pip!

Mustafa G.

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