Thursday, 11 October 2012

What have the Romans ever done for us?

 Oldschidt & Howler

Watcha Hampsters!

Currently flogging pages for the Hampstead Village Voice's sober little sister publication The Hampstonian 2013.

A not very creative yet necessary part of the publishing process in which I find myself saying rather odd things like "Why can't everyone be like Goldschmidt & Howland?"

Yes, when it comes to the monetary side of being a Hampstead love revolutionary, the cold, hard truth is, estate agents are a positive breeze to sell advertising to. They usually confirm straight away, send in their artwork promptly and don't mess you about too much when it's time to cough up the lolly.


Needless to say, estate agents are a bunch of complete rotters when it comes to turning useful A1 shops into pointless A2 offices in Heath Street thus turning it into a virtual ghost road. 

This is something TK International are currently attempting to do and they ought hang their heads in shame. And I say that, even though I have just sent them an email offering a full page in The Hampstonian 2013 for the mere snip of £150+VAT. After all, we are not communists!

Our motto, "never mix editorial with advertising", however, stands true." Stressco, estate agents, even Scamden - are free to advertise with us to their hearts content, but it will never stop us slagging them off if they cross the line of common decency and/or the general wellbeing of Hampstonia which, needless to say, they so often do.

Viva Hampstonia!

Emmanuel Mustafa Goldstein x
Enemy of Big Brother
PS. If you'd like to advertise in the disgustingly capitalist Hampstonian 2013 for a mere snip of £150+VAT just email:

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