Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Stop Everything Everywhere.

A mobile phone antenna on the roof of the Royal Free Hospital. Can this be healthy?

Seeing as I'm skiving off in Berlin, I may as well be of some use and get you all to sign this petition.

They're sticking mobile phone antennas everywhere these days. My mate, Hampstead artist and sculptor Clive Barker swears he gets bad headaches as a result of all this horrid, phone-mast business.

Now that Orange and T-Mobile have merged to become the somewhat domineeringly named Everything Everywhere (ed. blimey, they think a lot of themselves), they're trying to erect another of those ugly and possibly unhealthy masts slap bang in the middle of a conservation area, ie. Hampstead.

Typically, as do all river - or airwave - polluting corporations, they've chosen the summer holidays, when everyone's away, to get permission from the gullible Scamden. Even if you are on your Hols, please sign the petition below. It'll take you two ticks.

Ta very much,

Emmanuel Mustafa Goldstein x
Emmanuel Mustafa Goldstein esq. NA. AA. AFC.

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