Monday, 2 August 2010


Has Richard Madely really bought the Hampstead Village Voice?

There's only one way to find out whether Richard has indeed bought the Hampstead Village Voice and that's to go in to a Hampstead newsagent and buy a copy because the freebies are over!

Yes folks, although we drop off a couple of copies at Hampstonia's national library [Keat's Grove] and the odd doctor's waiting room, our policy of saturating Hampstead with it's favourite satirical magazine free of charge has come to an end. It's no more Mr. Nice Guy. So you'll just have to fork out a couple of squid if you want in on all the local action.

The current edition features Boy George, Jon Moss, John Alderton, Tony Francis, Ranjit Bolt and, of course, Mr. Madely (above). We also have scathing attacks on Stressco, Scamden and Nat West's delivery boys G4 Security who have been persistently breaking the law and getting away with it. How very dare they!

And there's loads of other stuff that needs to be read, preferably whilst having that large weekend dump! I was thinking of having "The Hampstead Village Voice. No bog's complete without one..." as our new PR campaign slogan. What d'you think folks?

Yours irreverently,

Mustafa Goldstein x
Editor in Tea Person.

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