Thursday, 18 November 2010

Next Village Voice pencilled in for January 2011

Being editor of the Hampstead Village Voice one gets asked to do the oddest things... below the result of a request to put the following on this site for the weekend... Well, I saw no harm in it...

World Peace Garden Camden

Dear Volunteers
The World Peace Garden Camden is converting a strip of waste land adjacent to
Hampstead Heath Overground into a tranquil natural beauty spot where we sponsor
the contemplation of inner peace and a better world by means of carefully chosen
words dedicated to this end from Sponsors of a Peace Tile .
The Peace Tiles will placed in the World Peace Garden Camden
The Peace Tiles will also be viewed and appreciated on the World Peace Garden Camden
website inviting others around the world to join us
A point of positive energy in the community promoting inner peace ,harmony & understanding
On Mitzvah Day 21st November from noon to 3pm volunteers will be working in three Teams
Team 1/ preparing to ground around the trees to plant 2 kil of daffodils around the trees
Team 2/ planting the daffodils
Team 3/clearing brambles and weeds
We look forward to everyone enjoying what should turn out to be a satisfying day of giving
selflessly to our friends and neighbours.
With love and thanks to all of our friends
Jonathan Bergman
World Peace Garden Camden

Must Hava Cuppa Cha Stein.

Friday, 12 November 2010

The Hampstead Village Voice has taken a back seat whilst the new edition of The Hampstonian has been under construction. Indeed, for the first time, there's a half decent website to accompany the info-guide and directory for 2011 which will be put next week - 18th of November 2011. The website, is a charmingly presented effort so go and have a look.

Toodle pip!

Mustafa G.

Monday, 11 October 2010

HVV's little sister THE HAMPSTONIAN 2011 is on course....


What the he'll am I doing on the side of a hill overlooking the picturesque town of Freiburg Im Breisgau in the Black Forest when I ought to be scurrying away getting the new version of The Hampstonian 2011, the Hampstead Village Voices prudent little sister, off to the printers? Well, for starters, it's a good opportunity to push the limits of modern technology and prove that one can do everything one can in Hampstead, without actually having to be in Hampstead. Let's face it, Hampstead's a bloody nightmare at the moment. One can' even buy a decent pair of Jeans for under £90 whereas in Freiburg I'll be picking up a pair of new jeans (not the worn out rubbish they sell at Crap) for €29! Hello? Can we get over the rip off Britain thing, please! Britain simply isn't that Great that it can overcharge for everything. It might have been once, but it ain't now, so grow up Englanders!

Alas, it appears one can't download a picture of the Black Forest onto an iPad so you'll just have to suffer and take my word for it: it's utterly beautiful.

Secondly, Freiburg's a lovely little town famed for it's lack of traffic and general green-ness. Somewhere from whch Hampstead could certainly learn a thing or two. You won't find the pavements strewn with stressco plastic bags around here. It would appear they still have something called dignity. But with that comes a dollop of austerity I would find hard to live with on a permanent basis. So I'll be heading back at some stage... As for the Hampstonian 2011....

Worry not! Your very own Mustafa is on the case and will spend the 7 hour train journey to Berlin finishing off The Hampstonian 2011 on his lappy top to have at the printers in time for the run in to....Argh...I day not mention the C word whilst it's still October. In time for December! By the way, it's going to be a vast improvement - if that were possible - on the 2010 edition and will include amongst other things a Restaurant guide and a "where to get free WiFi guide". How very splendid!

As for edition 12 of the Hampstead Village Voice, it is still in conception but ought to be on the shelves by January 1st, 2011.

Toodle pip!

Mustafa "Lord Whore-Whore" Goldstein
PS. Germany is also a very good place to buy Jeans if one is 6ft 7inches tall. More about that in the next Voice.

Monday, 2 August 2010


Has Richard Madely really bought the Hampstead Village Voice?

There's only one way to find out whether Richard has indeed bought the Hampstead Village Voice and that's to go in to a Hampstead newsagent and buy a copy because the freebies are over!

Yes folks, although we drop off a couple of copies at Hampstonia's national library [Keat's Grove] and the odd doctor's waiting room, our policy of saturating Hampstead with it's favourite satirical magazine free of charge has come to an end. It's no more Mr. Nice Guy. So you'll just have to fork out a couple of squid if you want in on all the local action.

The current edition features Boy George, Jon Moss, John Alderton, Tony Francis, Ranjit Bolt and, of course, Mr. Madely (above). We also have scathing attacks on Stressco, Scamden and Nat West's delivery boys G4 Security who have been persistently breaking the law and getting away with it. How very dare they!

And there's loads of other stuff that needs to be read, preferably whilst having that large weekend dump! I was thinking of having "The Hampstead Village Voice. No bog's complete without one..." as our new PR campaign slogan. What d'you think folks?

Yours irreverently,

Mustafa Goldstein x
Editor in Tea Person.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Who's a big Boy? Summer 2010 Edition in Hampstead shops NOW!!!

Boy George very kindly poses for the Daily Hate Mail, a new sub-section of the Hampstead Village Voice which serves up some resentful bilge a la the most hideous of all the national newspapers. Yes the Daily Mail really is the most appallingly small minded publication. All it ever seems to do is slag off individuals like Boy George and Russell Brand for no reason or pick on some immigrant for moving into a two up-two down in St. John's Wood. Why shouldn't immigrants live in St. John's Wood or indeed Hampstead? And why shouldn't they claim benefits? Don't have a go at the poor immigrant for accepting a few squid within the limits of the law: have a go at H.M. Government if you're going to have a go at anyone. Oh, no, of course not. The Daily Hate Mail finds it easier to bully individuals than accuse H.M. Gov of being somewhat slack with everyones cash!

In the Summer Edition of the Hampstead Village Voice, the Daily Mail gets a taste of it's own medicine and is slagged off right and proper for being the fear mongering, xenophobic load of bollocks it is! What a horrid little paper. Did you know it supported the Nazis before Britain went to war with them? Yes it really did. That's how ghastly it is! Although it now claims to be Nazi free, it's still just about as mean as you can get without actually being a Nazi.

Also in this most glorious edition: Richard Madely buys the Hampstead Village Voice... or does he? There's the first ever picture of [almost anonymous] Mustafa Goldstein sporting an Arsenal Yamulka in Jerusalem; John Alderton says hello; Tony Parsons writes a bed time story; Klaus Von Kunst rants on about the Zebra Gallery and his uncle Günter; Ranjit Bolt does the Hampstead Rap; Sandy Markwick shares a little Hampstead History and the campaign to save the Duke of Hamilton gets full coverage... Oh, and the results of the Hampstead Village Voice Awards are published on the centre pages!

Bleedin' bargain! So off you trot to your local news vendor or Waterstones and get yourself a copy. A whole 2 squid? Yes, you're worth it!

Emmanuel Mustafa Goldstein x,
Berlin. 22.07.2010

Thursday, 8 July 2010


It's a miracle! The weird, wonderful and hard hitting Hampstead Village Voice is out this Saturday! Not only that, the Hammies Awards will take place at the Rosslyn Arms on Wednesday (7:30pm 14th July). I'm completely knackered but I think we've cracked a rather good edition this time around. Plenty of names to drop (Boy George, Russell Brand, Richard Madely, Tony Parsons and The Queen - well, she isn't in it but I thought I'd drop her name anyway) and some properly right old juicy stories.

Not least the continuing saga of the Duke of Hamilton.

I popped into see Woody and Mary today and they're livid with Hampstead. Not sure why cos all Hampstead wants is to keep the pub that's been there since 1721 a pub. But the Woody's have been like family to me over the years so I'm not about to go slagging them off but disagree strongly with Woody over the future of the pub. He doesn't think it has a future as a pub. I do. And so do alot of others. Nothing personal old boy - just don't like to see Hampstead pubs closed and turned into unaffordable housing for rich people. Nothing against rich people either. After all, I'd like to be one one day but that doesn't mean I'd want to spoil the fun for everyone else. And that's what we've had at The Duke for years. Fun! And lot's of it. Long may it continue and I'm pleased to report there are plenty of bidder's to take the pub over and give it a new lease of life. As long as Scamden and the owners (Wellington Pub Co. A.k.a. the Reuben Bros) don't get greedy, we'll still have a boozer there this time next year. It's just like an Ealing comedy init!

Toodle Pip!

Emmanuel Mustafa Goldenbollocks

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Volume Control

Shut it Mr. Berlusconi. Where are your AC Milan now? Looks like Jose Mourinho's Inter-Milan are stealing the limelight from your media-state empire. Barca might play pretty football but after Messi got away without a yellow twice then Motta was sent off for nothing, I decided to cheer on Inter and a 0-0 draw. It ended 1-0 to Barca but Inter prevailed and well done them. We'll be opening an Hampstonian embassy in Barcelona this summer and shall delight in reminding the Catalans that they couldn't get 2 goals past 10 men at the Nou Camp. Isn't humility a wonderful thing amigos. Forca Hampstonia!

Is it me or did someone turn the volume down? It's when you travel to somewhere like Berlin that you realize how loud Hampstead (London, Britain, Airstrip One, Oceanea) has become. I sometimes think we're living in a blasted kindergarten and someone gave the kids a load of drills, saws and sirens. Even taking the S-Bahn from Hamburg airport, I noticed a big difference in noise pollution compared to the Piccadilly Line. Not only are the trains in Germany quieter, but there are less announcements and the beeping when the doors close isn't so shrilling. Is shrilling a word? Don't I mean shrill? I'm losing vocabulary in my old age. Anyway, it feels like London has it's volume turned permanently onto 11 whilst Hamburg is a very pleasant 7. Just right for a city.

I've been in the centre of Hamburg 8 hours and haven't heard a single police siren. Heaven! Not a builder in site. Joy! And leaf-blowers? what are leaf-blowers? It's pretty chilled around here but not in the least boring. I'm in a hotel around the corner from "Schulterblatt" in the "Schanzenviertel" a very cool area my girlfriend once referred to as "The Twelve Monkeys". It's all a bit anarchistic and graffiti'd but not in the least bit menacing. Just cool.

Having watched Barca fail to get 2 goals past a 10 man Inter-Milan (A good thing too, after that cheating twat Sergio got Motta sent off) i popped round the corner for a very pleasant bowl of pasta and an apfelschorle (apple juice & soda) on the Schulterblatt. There were a few Italians honking their horns (volume: 10 - but for good reason, so acceptable) and everyone was sitting outside drinking beer and Bionade, a non alcoholic bevvy that's become all the rage in Germany.

So off to Berlin tomorrow to see my old mum and no doubt watch Fulham v Hamburg in the evening with my old drummer friend and Hampstonian Ambassador to Berlin, Archie. Who knows, I might eventually even get around to starting the next edition of the Hampstead Village Voice a task that feels increasingly like doing a weeks worthof homework on a Sunday night. Oh well. Orwell that ends well.

E.M. Goldylocks

Mustafa Goldylocks.

Editor in Tea Person

Monday, 22 March 2010


The coat of arms of the Metropolitan Borough of Hampstead which is being reinstated after 55 years by the Nation State of Hampstonia to replace the wasteful and incompetent Scamden.

It appears Scamden and their corrupt paymasters the British (A.K.A. Airstrip One) will soon be out of business. Why? Because the revolution starts here in the tenth edition of the Hampstead Village Voice which I finally sent off to the printers today. Phew! All this deadline stuff - It's been like another episode of Lou Grant in my front room for the last three weeks and has left me with mild insomnia and a caffeine problem. Where's Mary Tyler-Moore when you need her? Christ I could use a shag!

But for a few light duties, I'm going to have a well earned day off tomorrow, the highlight of which will be to check out the screening of the excellent "Lives Of Others" at the Hampstead Town Hall where the newly formed Hampstead Film Society has its opening night tomorrow.


The society, which will show FREE films up to July, did have the full backing of both the Hampstead Village Voice and the newly formed Metropolitan Borough of Hampstead until we discovered they are in fact stooges for both Scamden and Her Majesty's Airstrip One. The blighters even asked Hampstonians to fill out a form asking us our racial background! Isn't it racist to discriminate between races? If you're not racist, you don't care from which race someone is, do you? The form in question does and in my book that makes it racist. It's just the sort of idiotic "Lives Of Others" nonsense one might expect from Scamden and Airstrip One. After all, to true Hampstonians, race is completely irrelevant - so such forms are simply an insult to our intelligence. Even more ridiculously the form offers us the option of being "MALE", "FEMALE" or "TRANS". So according the enemy, there are now three sexes! How stupid is that? No disrespect to those of you who consider yourself "Transexual" but the fact remains, just because you're a bit confused as to whether you are male or female, doesn't mean there is a third sex called Trans, does it? Besides, Trans means to move from one to the other suggesting you are on a journey somewhere. Surely your destination sex is the one that matters? Either way, the fact we are expected to answer such ludicrous questions in order merely to watch a film is quite beyond me and every other sane Hampstonian. Oh, and in the spirit of The Lives Of Others, all the details of those foolish enough to fill in the form will be kept on a "computerised information system". You couldn't make it up! Scamden and Britain - we wash our hands of you and your frighteningly stupid mindset. 

But I digress... To show Scamden who’s in charge, there's a Metropolitan Borough of Hampstead coat of arms on page 6 of the new Hampstead Village Voice for you to put in the window of your home, car or shop-front. If nothing else, it’ll make Scamden realize how unpopular they are and send them the clear message that they need to buck up their ideas somewhat. Fat chance. Those f***ers are in a world of their own. 

Right. Off too have a little nap. 


Mustafa Goldsteinxxx

Editor in Tea Person 

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Monday, 15 March 2010


Imogen Green [left] and Iain Barratt [right] of the Catto Gallery in Heath Street join Arsenal legend Bob Wilson and Theo Walcott with his girlfriend Melanie Slade to raise funds for the Willow Foundation which provides special, morale-boosting days for seriously ill 16 to 40 year olds. Well done them! Full story including pics of other Arsenal legends in the Spring edition of the Hampstead Village Voice out on the 1st of April 2010.

I just wrote a massive blog on how the next Hampstead Village Voice will be out on April 1st priced only £1.50 and how brilliant it's going to be; all the mega names and stories it's going to feature; loads of witty anecdotes about its glorious hampsteadness and how the Borough of Hampstead is making a come back etcetera etcetera...

And the blasted internet service provider [BT bloody OpenZone] logged me out and I lost everything!!! Testicles and sexual intercourse!

So you'll just have to trust me. It rocks. Go and buy it cos at £1.50 a copy it's a bleedin' bargain.

The Hampstead Village Voice Spring edition is out on April 1st 2010.

Your very own,

Musti G.

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