Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Mr Cook.

Them were't days...

No particular reason for this picture of Peter Cook other than I remember bumping into him at the Hampstead Food Hall - now Tesco-Stressco - and being given a lesson in how to open a cellophane bag properly. Peter was one of the few males of the species able to open a cellophane bag in one go which, considering he was Tottenham supporter, was quite an achievement.

"You take it by the corner and pinch it like this," he told me as I struggled at the veg' counter. Oh how Hampstead misses him. I presume he'd have been slagging off Tesco-Stressco for the Hampstead Village Voice had he been alive to bare witness to its horrors. The good Lord spared him that much. (Ed. What, the horrors of Tesco-Stressco or the Hampstead Village Voice?)

The Current edition [14] of the Hampstead Village Voice is still available at Waterstones and good Hampstead newsagents... but only just!

Viva Hampstonia!

Emmmanuel Mustafa Goldstein x
Editor in Crusties.

Next Voice due: Feb/March 2012

Friday, 16 December 2011


Raha Saber's splendid photo of Simply Scrumptious in Flask Walk.

I am such a klutz sometimes [ed. what do you mean, sometimes?] - and can only offer Hampstead photographer Raha Saber a massive apology for forgetting to credit her in the new edition of The Hampstonian 2012.

Sorry, Raha! I'm a mook!

Needless to say, the photo's of Raha Saber will be featuring in the next edition of the Hampstead Village Voice!


Mustafa G xxx

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Hampstonian 2012 is OUT NOW!

The cover of The Hampstonian 2012, in the shops NOW!

The Elf and I have j
ust distributed the first 1000 copies of The Hampstonian 2012 to the newsagents of Hampstead, South End Green and Belsize Village in his Volvo estate. The manageress of Waterstones said they've had "lots of calls" about it, which is encouraging. She's also stuck our poster in the window - hoorah! It's amazing what lamination can do. They've taken 100 copies as have Hampstead Underground Station, Mag One and the New End Mini Market.

To see where else you can buy your copy, go to http://www.hampstonian.co.uk/aboutus.html

If you're new to Hampstead and you want to inform yourself, this is the mag for you and may well be the best £2 you've ever spent. If you're an old Hampstonian, Hampsteadite or even a Hampster, you'll probably know all this stuff and would do better to stick around for the next Hampstead Village Voice which we shall start work on forth-with.

I am now having a well deserved cappuccino at La Gaffe... Nice...

Toodle Pip!

Mustafa G.
Herr Safety
cc. The Elf

Monday, 12 December 2011

Slight Delay... Out on 14th December 2011

Whoopsie daisy! There's been a slight delay due to "printer error" and "distribution malfunction" - Well, isn't that the contemporary way of passing the buck and denying responsibility for things these days? Always someone else's fault isn't it!

The truth is, I got the publishing date a bit wrong and didn't organise Dave the Elf with his Volvo estate properly! Yes, it was me... I did it! I'll take the wrap! Guilty as sin...

Fortunately, as this is an annual release, two days is more like ten minutes in the grand scheme of things so, what ho!

Toodle Pip,

Emmanuael Mustafa Goldstein,
Late for school as usual...

Watcha Hampsters, Hampsteadites and Hampstonians! After weeks banging away at publishing my new book The Joy of Addiction , I've also ma...