Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Mr Cook.

Them were't days...

No particular reason for this picture of Peter Cook other than I remember bumping into him at the Hampstead Food Hall - now Tesco-Stressco - and being given a lesson in how to open a cellophane bag properly. Peter was one of the few males of the species able to open a cellophane bag in one go which, considering he was Tottenham supporter, was quite an achievement.

"You take it by the corner and pinch it like this," he told me as I struggled at the veg' counter. Oh how Hampstead misses him. I presume he'd have been slagging off Tesco-Stressco for the Hampstead Village Voice had he been alive to bare witness to its horrors. The good Lord spared him that much. (Ed. What, the horrors of Tesco-Stressco or the Hampstead Village Voice?)

The Current edition [14] of the Hampstead Village Voice is still available at Waterstones and good Hampstead newsagents... but only just!

Viva Hampstonia!

Emmmanuel Mustafa Goldstein x
Editor in Crusties.

Next Voice due: Feb/March 2012

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Anonymous said...

I am the ghost of Peter Cook and I thoroughly object to this post on the grounds that I am dead. Yours, morbidly. Peter Cook. R.I.P. cc Bronco