Thursday, 10 May 2007

And on we go...

Well, the board (Bored) meeting went swimmingly, but now it's back to business! The Co. Secretary wanted to compartmentalize everything and our "roving editor" couldn't wait to get out of the board room (Toast, which was full of screaming kids) for a pint.

Chipping away with in design, selling advertising space to pay for printing, hustling for cartoonists and writers/contributers is a full time job. Oh, and I've still got to sort out all that businessy stuff! Hate that! Cashflow forecasts, banking, accountants...Yawn! Much rather be writing and shaping the layout of The Hampstead Village Voice (HVV).

So off I go to hustle a lettings agent (slightly better than estate agent from an anarchists point of view- if anarchists need a point of view) to buy some advertising.

Oh and going to have a look at going on Holiday- All these people who start their own business and don't have a holiday for three years are heros- but not moi! Give me a beach and a good book any day!


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