Saturday, 23 February 2008


These days you can't buy a single fag in Fowlers; Maynards has gone forever; The Owl & The Pussycat is but a mere memory now, yet Flask Walk's still there...But for how long? Would we be surprised if the council built a dual carriage way here? They seem to be spending thousands on digging up roads these days. There's hardly a road in Hampstead that hasn't got some construction company drilling away... back-handers? Hmmmm...
Edition 3 of the Hampstead Village Voice is in the shops, so off you trot and buy your copy, if only for the Hampstonian's View of the World centre page poster by Helen Cusack. It's Pop-tastic!

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Anonymous said...

You're not wrong about the backhanders for roadworks and speed humps !!!!

West Hampstead Deli Boy.

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