Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Oh No We Were Sucked in...

The new cover of the Hampstead Village Voice Edition 12 is at the shops now!

I'm sitting in my Bünker in Berlin and feeling dreadfully homesick. Oh for a pontless espresso at Café Scrooge or some Raisin Toast at the Coffee Cup. Berlin's all nice and fine but it just ain't home. You can take the boy out of Hampstead...

So destitute was I that I did the undoable and joined Farcebook where I've set up both a Mustafa Goldstein and Hampstead Village Voice page. I hate it. What a waste of time. Farting about trying to get the right pictures into the profile bit at the top of the page.

So feel free to look up Mustafa Goldstein on Farcebook - but, trust me, it's no replacement for the real thing, now available at your local news agent and Waterstones.

Surely the best £2 squid you ever spent! Hampstonian constitution... I should co-co!

Toodle Pip!

Mustafa Goldstein xxx
Editor in Hot-Pants.


Anonymous said...


Mustafa G. said...

Arsenal? Yes! We are rather fond of the Gunners!

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