Monday, 18 April 2011

God Save The Queen composed in Hampstead?

We urge you all to go and buy the single God Save The Queen by The Sex Pistols this week to ensure it goes No.1 in time for the Royal Wedding.

According the Heath and Hampstead Society website, The Sex Pistols composed God Save The Queen at Johnny Rotten's flat in New Court off Flask Walk. Whether it was actually written in the flat or just whilst Mr. Rotten (Ed. You're having a laugh) lived there, is open to speculation. What is certain is that if you purchase the single for a mere 99p from iTunes it'll chuck a few pence Johnny's way and might even go to No.1 ensuring God Save The Queen will be the musical back drop everytime they show the wedding in years to come. And wouldn't that be splendid!


Mustafa Goldstein x
Mustafa Goldstein
Editor in Bondage

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Anonymous said...

It wasn't Johnny Rotten's flat in New Court, it was Sid "Spikey John Ritchie" Vicious’s.

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