Friday, 27 May 2011

HVVTV 1 inaugural Broadcast

Co-presenters, Maria and Adina will be reading the weather for HVVTV "LIVE FROM THE COFFEE CUP" tonight! Or then again, maybe they won't...

Dearest all,
It's all go for your intrepid editor in hot-pants. Having eaten a huge and excellent pasta at La Gaffe, yours truly will head for the High Street to prepare for the inaugural recording of HVVTV [not] Live From The Coffee Cup. This will be recorded [not] live and [not] in front of a studio audience at midnight tonight. It will feature myself and love revolutionary the Bombadier Bard and will be broadcast on YouTube if it's any good.

I shall also be playing five-a-side football at 6pm and attending a community meeting at 7.30pm so had better go and get myself a siesta now. Ahh - the joys of sleeping for an hour in the middle of the day when you know the world is sweating away in some horrid office, chasing yet another pound coin! PAYE? No thank you: it's DAYP* for moi!


Emmanuel Goldstein.

*Do As You Please

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