Thursday, 17 May 2012

No Sex Please We're Brazilian!

Sex is not what it seems in Brazil

Far be it from me to blow my own trumpet - after all I can't play trumpet and blowing ones own guitar would be, to say the least, somewhat precarious - but I shall be entertaining the good people of Lavras, Brazil this Friday by way of a small concert at the Circuito Alternativa - a night club at the seedier end of the town.

Contrary to what you may think, the above flyer does not mean yours truly will be having sex on the 18th of May at 23:30hrs. For 'Sex' in the above context is but an abbreviation for Sexta-Feira known to you and I merely as Friday. And yes, that is how one spells acoustic in Portuguese.


Y. Truly.
Not Mustafa Goldstein.
Lavras, Brazil.
PS. So keen was the local promoter and club owner - a splendid fellow called Janio, who seems to like all things British (minus the wars of course) - that he made not one, but two flyers. I hope I can live up to all this publicity.

Flyer No. 2

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